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We provide scuba dives and gear in Atlanta, Athens, Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

SCUBA can be a sport (or hobby) that can be economical to enjoy, and we will do our part in maximizing your hard-earned dollar while maintaining our integrity and practicing positive business ethics.

We focus on introducing students to God’s gifts below sea level- while maintaining uncompromised safety standards and value.


Have you ever thought about how accessible it is to watch a beautiful sunset? Given suitable weather conditions, just about anyone can watch one of the most calming and breathtaking ends to any day. What about the colors we chase each fall as the leaves change in the mountains? Same feeling?

I remember the first time I witnessed an Easter Sunday Sunrise Worship from the beach of Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To witness beauty and creation is humbling. These are just a few events which really touch me. These are all gifts that anyone can experience each and every day.

But- 70% of the earth is water, which means we’re only experiencing 30% of nature’s beauty every day.


I was born and raised in Atlanta and when I was 13 years old I became involved with an after-school activity of SCUBA diving. With my parents’ encouragement, I began the ride of a lifetime!

Years passed, I went to college and moved to Hartwell where my family and I live now. Over the years I would do some off-shore resort dive outings which were the only opportunities I had to dive. I subscribed to a diving magazine and soon remembered what I missed. The stories I read and the pictures I saw re-energized my interest. After I made the decision to start diving again I chose to pursue my Open Water Instructor Certification, traveling back and forth to Atlanta to the pool at Woodward Academy that I learned to dive in.


My instructor trainer was my 6th grade science teacher and close friend, and not only did I work with many students, but 5 of them were my wife and my four children.


My trainer showed interest in my being associated with his dive school, Aqua Camp Diving Academy. ACDA had served Atlanta for 20+ years and in 2005 began the Jacksonville, Florida operation and Aqua Camp of Northeast Georgia, Inc. (now Northeast Georgia Scuba) was born in July of 2008. The value offered by Northeast Georgia Scuba is maintained by offering checkout dives to local destinations such as Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, and Lake Jocasse in South Carolina, as well as the Florida Springs and off-shore destinations.

-Pete Brown, Owner Northeast Georgia Scuba

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